Memo from Amb. Leo E. Wanta to Vice President Dick Cheney


Transcribed to the best of my ability
(words in brackets are editor’s, if in red and followed with question mark—is best guess on correct spelling.)

O: H.E. Vice President Dick Cheney
H.E. Amb. Leo E. Wanta

...was approached & my help was requested in moving large sums of cash into (Foundations) Legal Groups [law firms laundering money] to be formed for "charitable" work here in the Philippines. [The] approx. amount is 300T Php of which 30% is offered as a "gift" to the USA . This lady is a “Muslim” she is accompanied by a Major Da..
[le?] who studied business/banking & flying in Afghanistan!!, There are “dat..”[es?] with her!!

[A] German in the family has financed a large group who were recovering ten boxes, [crates of counterfeit cash, drug money, bearer bonds?] which were taken to US, Germany & Moldovia [Moldova/Rumania] Representatives of family are in Las Vegas, trying to collect, however, boxes in Germ. Were allegedly confiscated!. The group includes: Robert Ha[t]ch, B...
[url?] Ra..[lli?] - mau [of?](..L. Vegas,) Robert Wachtel, Brad U. Lee, Allan Nichols and many others in Manila, Francis Hernandez of CA now in Cebu, de Groof in Belg. & [Peher Sermal?] in UK.

They "family" want their boxes!! Things are getting out of hand!
Re: Francis Hernandez; took to Col.
[Vuia?] who was [justice?] comm. of Cavite & Cebu, his boss was P. Lacsou...[Lacson] all is interconnected... with the above people being [small?] [fry?]... look to chinese connection!!! Always!!

MIL needs cash with which to purchase & remove these items... too much is in the wrong hands! & too much is going into the wrong hands!! If we are to be successful here, I have outlined how to do it. One other thing we must have is transportation "permits”...

Much is moving that noone can see, the same way as moved for the last ?ooo years!! especially since Ch[i]ang Kai-Shek(?) & remember Cho[u] En-Lai & how all ...

Additional Notes:

The group includes...Robert Wachtel, Brad U. Lee, Allan Nichols [Three FBI Division 5 counter-intelligence agents, providing evidence of presidential abuse of power using federal agents for illegal covert financial terrorism operations, according to whistleblower Stewart Webb who provided us with the document]

[MIL aka Marvelous Investments, Ltd., Andover, MA according to intelligence sources]