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Top-secret notes confirm congressional, 9-11 Commission & Pentagon cover up of Iraq war plans on day of Sept. 11 attacks
Date: Monday, February 27
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Rumsfeld: “Hard to get a good case…Need to move swiftly. Near term target needs…Go massive—(Sweep) it all up. Things related and not.” (Stephen Cambone notes, 2:40 pm, Sept. 11, 2001—4.5 hours after the attacks)

Top-secret notes confirm congressional, 9-11 Commission & Pentagon cover up of Iraq war plans on day of Sept. 11 attacks

by Tom Flocco

Washington, DC—February 27, 2006——Pentagon notes written by Under-Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Stephen Cambone during a meeting with Department of Defense (DoD) Secretary Donald Rumsfeld at 2:40 pm on the day of the September 11 attacks provide important evidence and historical insight into the inner circle of key players involved in the defense of the United States immediately following the worst attack on American soil in U.S. history.

Cambone’s explosive written observations provide proof that a commitment to place Baghdad on the front burner was foremost on the minds of Bush administration officials almost simultaneously as the alleged “hijackers” attacked, revealing Rumsfeld’s full fixation on finding a justification “related” to "or not” related to Iraq as 9-11 perpetrator.

The Bush administration wanted to create a “boogie-man” in Saddam Hussein as partly responsible for September 11—no matter what, all according to top-secret internal memos from key aide Cambone; however, both have not publicly explained before career prosecutors why Iraq had to become a perpetrator despite now-proven phony and non-existent evidence.

An explosive CBS News report on September 4, 2002 fully exposed the existence of Cambone’s September 11 notes and explained their contents—including the “go massive” and “things related and not” references to war against Iraq.

Congress and the 9-11 Commission obstructed justice by failing to publicly report the stunning revelations which represent meritorious evidence requiring grand jury testimony.

Cambone’s notes became available as a result of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request made to DoD by citizen researcher Thad Anderson who filed the FOIA on July 23, 2005 and received a heavily redacted response from the Bush administration about two weeks ago on February 10, 2006. was provided with the documents after Anderson’s FOIA response was published in a recent U.S. intelligence field report from the Special Operations Group (SOG) which passed them to us via intelligence authority Thomas Heneghan.

The notes are also available at federal whistleblower Stew Webb’s site,, and Lenny Bloom’s

Top-secret notes provide evidence

Members of the Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee would have seen the documents; and 9-11 Commission members and Washington Post editor and author Bob Woodward also knew of their existence since both the final 9-11 Commission Report and Woodward’s book “Plan of Attack” (based on exclusive interviews with President Bush) made multiple references to Cambone’s notes with no mention of the “go massive” revelations.

In the 9-11 Commission Report reference was also made to notes made by Rumsfeld’s DoD spokesperson Victoria Clarke; however, Congress and the Commission have also covered up the contents of Clarke’s potentially explosive contemporaneous written observations in her meetings with Rumsfeld after the attacks.

The top-secret Clarke and Cambone notes provide strong indications that their explosive contents caused Bush and Cheney to require the 9-11 Commission to afford them an unprecedented joint interview in order not to provide testimony which would implicate each other. has been told that there is a raging FOIA fight regarding the future public release of the top-secret Victoria Clarke notes written during and after the 9-11 attacks.

The crucial contents of the Clarke and Cambone notes were either watered down or deleted, providing more damage control to prevent public outcries for Cambone, Rumsfeld and Clarke to face serious grand jury interrogation.

Click here to examine copies of the original Stephen A. Cambone contemporaneous notes made during and immediately after the 9-11 attacks:

“12:05 [pm]…DCT [Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet] returned call…UBL [Osama bin Laden intercept known operative…’Heard good news’…3rd [unclear] to come?

[side section partially redacted]”

“Intercept:  Vague—might/not mean something…no good basis for hanging hat.”

“2:40 [pm]…Resume Statement…Best info fast…judge whether good enough…Hit S.H. [Saddam Hussein] @ same time—Not only UBL [Osama bin Laden]…”

“Tasks [Pentagon attorney] Jim Haynes to talk w/ PW [former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz] for additional support v/v [visavis—with relation to] Usis [Uday Hussein—Saddam’s son] & connection w/ UBL…”

“NR [ REDACTED—Bush administration determination that this blacked out section is ‘not related or not relevant’ for public view. ]”

“—Hard to get a good case…Need to move swiftly—Near term target needs—go massive—sweep it all up—things related & not…[Arrow] Need to do so to get anything useful”

“VP [Reference to Vice President Cheney] Report:

1) CIA Intercept 9:53 EST…NR [ REDACTED—Bush administration determination that this blacked out section is ‘not related or not relevant’ for public view. “ ]

2) AA77 [American Airlines Flight 77]—three indiv [individuals] have been followed since Millennium [bombing attempt] and [USS] Cole [bombing]…1 guy is associate of Cole bomber…2 entered the U.S. in early July…(2d of 3 pulled aside and interrogated?)

3) No M.O. [modus operandi—mode of operating or working ] “

NR [ REDACTED—Bush administration determination that this blacked out section is ‘not related or not relevant’ for public view. ]

Implications for grand jury testimony

Despite their collective awareness of the revelations contained in the notes, there was no mention of the key “go massive—sweep it all up…things related and not” references found in Cambone’s written observations—only in the September 4, 2002 CBS report—the references to which were allegedly obstructed by Congress, the 9-11 Commission and Bob Woodward’s book.

The notes also reveal that Vice President Cheney was aware of their existence, providing evidence for additional grand jury testimony regarding personal meetings, notes and/or electronic and telephone communications.

That Pentagon attorney Jim Haynes and DoD Deputy Secretary Paul Wolfowitz were also mentioned in the notes should of necessity require the two to join Vice President Cheney and others previously mentioned for subpoenaed testimony.

The testimony of Intelligence Committee Senate and House legislators, 9-11 Commission members and Woodward would also be required to ascertain whether the legal process was obstructed, preventing a determination as to whether evidence of a government war agenda and prior knowledge of the attacks exists, and whether the lives of 3,000 U.S. citizens and those of other countries should have been saved.

A new congressional probe would be problematic, however, requiring legislators who failed in their oversight over U.S.national security to investigate themselves regarding the explosive contents of the Cambone and potentially the Clarke notes, absent a special prosecutor.

Another Cambone observation written at 12:05 pm (just two hours after the attacks) said “DCI [ former Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet] returned a call…UBL [Usama bin Laden] intercept known operative…heard good news…UBL intercepted known operation…3rd attack(?) to come?” which curiously refers to “good news” after the attacks. We have previously reported that Tenet turned state’s evidence against the Bush administration.

The key players have not been required to publicly explain what the “good news” was after the attacks and who Tenet talked to regarding the “UBL intercept known operative” and what implications they have for 9-11 evidence since the Congressional Intelligence Committee, the Commission and Woodward covered up this information while having access to the contents of the notes.

Tom Heneghan advised us that Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) Porter Goss is restricting the release of former DCI George Tenet’s contemporaneous notes regarding the 9-11 attacks and the buildup to the Iraq war in what Heneghan termed as a “criminalization of the U.S. national security document classification process,” providing clear evidence that Goss should be subpoenaed to explain his actions.

Congress has also permitted the obstruction of Tenet’s 9-11/Iraq war notes in the interests of “national security.”

Part of another redacted page [VP Report involving Vice President Cheney] referred to American Airlines Flight 77 which allegedly crashed into the Pentagon, noting “AA 77—3 individuals have been followed since the Millennium [bomber] and the [USS] Cole…1 guy is [an] associate of Cole bomber…2 entered U.S. in early July [prior to the attacks]…2 of 3 pulled aside, interrogated?”

The references to American 77 acknowledge that federal authorities knew about and were following three Muslims who were allegedly on board the Pentagon plane, raising questions as to why the FBI did not stop the three alleged “hijackers” since they were under constant surveillance after having entered the United States in July prior to the attacks.

This, raising clear grand jury questions as to whether United States government operatives purposefully allowed the September 11 attacks to occur in order to help further the war agenda which has benefited government contractors and provided a means to eliminate Uday Hussein.

According to Heneghan, “Uday was a major witness regarding the events of 9-11, having been killed on the very day that the Valerie Plame leak-gate scandal involving currently indicted Cheney chief of staff Scooter Libby began to unfold in the American media.

Cambone and Rumsfeld acknowledge Uday on day of 9-11 attacks

Another explosive document which has already been widely publicized adds validity to the fact that Uday Hussein [Saddam’s younger son] needed to be quickly eliminated near the outset of a war with Iraq because he was aware of a letter which indicated prior knowledge of the 9-11 attacks.

Despite the fact that Delmart "Mike" Vreeland—the intelligence operative tasked to deliver the letter from Uday Hussein to Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin—has a controversial past at best, the inclusion of Uday in Cambone’s notes provides additional important evidence.

Cambone writes that Rumsfeld wanted Wolfowitz to provide “additional support” to find a way to commence war against Iraq, as Uday’s letter provides stunning if not smoking gun revelations. [Click here to examine the original Uday Hussein letter written to Vladimir Putin] 

Of special significance is the mention of “money provided by the Americans,” also revealing the existence of a suitable “deal guaranteed by our American official.”

Given the mention in the top-secret notes of Uday by Cambone and Rumsfeld—and possibly Victoria Clarke in her notes—strong reasons exist for immediate subpoenas by U.S. Department of Justice career prosecutors who have no political allegiance to the Bush administration.

According to Heneghan, U.S. intelligence sources said Tenet received a cell phone call from Afghanistan or the Soviet Republic of Georgia, relating that the person to whom the CIA Director was returning the call was either Gary Best, rogue intelligence operative, or Soviet Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

It is likely that this information can be verified by the Department of Justice (DoJ) since we have already learned via intelligence sources that Tenet has testified against President Bush and Vice President Cheney in order to receive transactional immunity from prosecution.

Uday’s letter to Putin, dated June 3, 2000, also indicates that “the initial strike or attack will be started at the World Trade Center on 9-11-2001 by our brothers in the faith.”

The letter was found by Vreeland in a diplomatic bag which he opened while in Moscow performing other government operations.

Canadian authorities were reportedly informed about the letter in August, 2001, providing additional evidence which links the now deceased Uday Hussein back to the Cambone-Rumsfeld notes as a key player in the 9-11 attacks and the all-out attempt to create an Iraq war scenario believable enough to convince Americans to be willing to send their sons and daughters to Baghdad to die in a conflict based upon lies.

Once the notes become widely available, public pressure could force federal prosecutors to re-open an investigation into the September 11 attacks in a manner similar to the current outrage over foreign control of U.S. ports which has forced Republicans and Democrats to call for a public probe of the secret committee which permitted commerce to trump national security due to the failure of congressional oversight.

A plea to Congressman Curt Weldon
By: Tom Flocco

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