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Secret Service, U.S. intel say Bush uses cocaine, prozac, alcohol
Date: Thursday, November 17
Topic: Bush Corruption

“It is not for kings, O Lemuel—not for kings to drink wine, not for rulers to crave beer, lest they drink and forget what the law decrees, and deprive all the oppressed of their rights.” Proverbs 31: 4-5

Secret Service, U.S. intel say Bush uses cocaine, Prozac, alcohol

Federal agents question out-of-control White House operating “under the influence” while continuing historical pattern of untested drug usage at highest levels places presidents above the law, jeopardizing the safety of all Americans

by Tom Flocco

Washington—November 17, 2005——Secret Service members attached to White House domestic security, FBI and CIA agents, and written national security field reports all confirm that President Bush has been using drugs which could be affecting his performance as the nation’s war-time commander-in-chief.

Multiple federal agents having direct knowledge and access to Bush’s medical records say the President has switched from using Ritalin to taking Prozac while also succumbing to periodic alcoholic binges which have led to tirades and explosive personal conduct among White House aides, absent required random drug testing of all public employees and elected officials.

Federal law enforcement agents have at different times witnessed President Bush doing lines of cocaine in the early morning hours at the White House and drinking straight shots of whiskey in the evening hours on other occasions, according to U.S. intelligence sources who confirm multiple stories appearing in the tabloid press which say the First Lady is assigned to “keep an eye on him.”

Bush’s alleged conduct raises serious questions as to what effect the chemicals are having on his oval office decision-making, and why Democrats and Republicans facing coming voter backlash—while undoubtedly having heard the whispers—are failing to call for the release of Bush’s medical records for bipartisan congressional scrutiny.

Legislators have also failed to ask Bush to submit to drug-testing when they required President Clinton to submit to similar tests to confirm a match of his DNA with spots found on Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress—a matter of far less consequence to U.S. national security than the effects of Mr. Bush’s alleged ongoing chemical dependency.

Having observed the President smirk and laugh when discussing the war or other serious matters of state at press conferences, the White House press corps has thus far refused to muster the courage to ask whether Bush will have himself tested for drugs or whether he considers himself above the law compared to all other federal employees.

U.S. intelligence sources having direct contact with White House domestic security told that multiple federal agents would be willing to testify before a grand jury if subpoenaed regarding what they have seen and heard pertaining to Mr. Bush’s drug and alcohol usage.

Secret Service and intelligence officials are reportedly concerned about public safety while Mr. Bush has access to nuclear weapons without being subject to random drug testing to determine how the addictions are affecting his ability to govern.

Bush’s doses of Ritalin and Prozac are reportedly administered by Col. Richard J. Tubb, the White House physician; and medical journals say they can impair the President’s mental faculties and decrease both his physical capabilities and his ability to respond to a crisis.

Medical reports also say that mixing cocaine with alcohol produces a substance in the blood called “cocaethylene” which can be more toxic to the body than the cocaine itself.

Dr. Justin Frank, a Washington D.C. psychiatrist and author of Bush On The Couch—Inside The Mind Of The President, told The National Enquirer: "I do think that Bush is drinking again. Alcoholics who are not in any program, like the President, have a hard time when stress gets to be great.”

“Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree”

In the past few years federal officials have indicated the Bush 43 administration is not the first to feature blatant but clandestine drug use inside the White House.

After FBI agent Gary Aldrich retired from his position in charge of background checks on all Clinton White House appointees, he wrote Unlimited Access—an FBI agent inside the Clinton White House, revealing on page 205 that a government investigation of President and Mrs. Clinton recommended denying them both a security clearance, permanent White House passes and access to the White House—such was their perceived threat to U.S. national security right after they were elected to office.

Aldrich was close enough to the Clintons that he witnessed “deliberate attempts to block standard FBI background checks on staffers, obvious drug use by staffers and a deliberate policy of allowing those without high security clearances to read Top Secret material.”

President Clinton’s brother, Roger who was jailed for his alleged Iran contra drug activity, has stated publicly, “my brother’s nose was like a vacuum cleaner when it came to the use of cocaine.”

Unlimited Access also revealed potential for blackmail on pages 102-106, when Aldrich reported that in1993 and 1994 First Lady Hillary Clinton twice decorated the White House Blue Room Christmas tree with “twelve lords a leaping ornaments—all naked with large erections, sex toys known as ‘cock rings’ or phallic objects using stylistic representations of the male penis, other condom ornaments, some still in the wrapper, some not…Two condoms 'blown' into balloons and tied to small trees...and [cocaine] crack pipes hung on a string.”

When Vice President Al Gore and his wife Tipper entered the Blue Room for the annual White House Christmas party and saw the condoms, dildo vibrators, and crack pipes hanging from the First Lady’s Christmas tree, Mrs. Gore said, “You will not desecrate Christmas and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ;” and with one punch, Tipper Gore knocked Hillary Clinton between the eyes, flat on her back to the floor, and immediately left the Christmas party with the Vice President,” according to federal whistleblower Stewart Webb who confirmed FBI agent Aldrich’s pornographic tree assertions.

While Aldrich waited before telling America about rampant Clinton White House drug use, agents working the Bush Secret Service detail have reportedly decided to bypass the congressional cover-up because Mr. Bush’s ongoing chemical abuse is affecting U.S. national security, the conduct of the Iraq War and national policy decision-making.

“Poppy” Bush

Stew Webb, a long-time federal whistleblower who told us his infant daughter Amanda was taken from him by Bush crime family associates—a daughter he has not seen for over 21 years—said “Federal agents told me George Herbert Walker Bush has been taking about 150 mg of prozac per day since the early 1980’s and is known among the intelligence community as ‘Poppy’ Bush due to his past heroin ‘poppy-seed’ addiction and serious dependency on alcohol,” while his family uses “Poppy” as a moniker to refer to their grandfather.

This week’s November 21, 2005 issue of the National Enquirer quotes the elder Bush’s personal chef Ariel De Guzman as saying Bush 43 “never leaves home without his own hefty supply of spirits,” and is protected “from poisoning by secret enemies,” since we take “cases of vodka around the world with us,” according to his new Bush Family Cookbook (Scribner).

So worried about being poisoned by his enemies, George Bush Sr. reportedly has a personal poison patrol, according to De Guzman’s Enquirer story: “our guys watch the food preparation, pick up his plate and serve it to the President without anyone else touching it,” reminiscent of Greek and Roman emperors who had personal “tasters.”

Webb told us that one of his friends, FBI operative Darlene Novinger, personally witnessed the elder Bush receiving delivery of an ounce of cocaine at the Vice President’s residence from a member of the Smatt Brothers Jamaican drug cartel.

Unfortunately, Novinger died a few years ago, having been murdered by anthrax poisoning after seeing her father, mother and husband murdered before her own death as a result of explosive reports she filed regarding Bush 41 ties to narcotics trafficking.

Government retaliation against Novinger was so intense, that her home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania had to be torn down by the State Environmental Protection Agency, caused by massive contamination with deadly micro plasma agents strong enough to kill others in her community—and one neighbor did die mysteriously without the victim family knowing it could have brought a criminal or civil suit against the government for damages directly linked to Novinger’s death.

During Webb’s 1991 probe of the Bushes and his former father-in-law Leonard Millman who he refers to as a “thief and narcotics money launderer,” Novinger and Webb crossed paths regarding their separate investigations of 2,000 pounds of missing weapons-grade uranium from the Rocky Flats, Colorado nuclear arsenal.

The two discovered St. Louis and Philadelphia links to the missing uranium since it was reportedly transferred to the Bush network’s Apex Aviation in Missouri and to Hahnemann Hospital in Pennsylvania using Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice trucks to transport the stolen nuclear material for illegal sale to terrorist nations throughout the world, according to Webb’s lifetime coterie of intelligence sources.

The grand jury foreman from the Rocky Flats investigation went public regarding the 2,000 pounds of missing uranium involving Rockwell International, alleging a criminal cover-up by Colorado U.S. Attorney Michael Norton, who Webb said received a $1.5 million dollar bribe from Leonard Millman which was laundered through Millman’s M&L Business Machines Company in Denver.

Mainstream press reports surfaced in the early 1990’s that during the previous decade less than a dozen countries had weapons-grade nuclear components; but by the end of George H. W. Bush’s presidency, over 38 countries were reported to possess nuclear materials such as uranium.

Leonard Millman’s Citicorp Bank subsidiary was given a $2.5 billion dollar EPA cleanup contract to move uncontaminated dirt—the so-called missing uranium scattered over the Colorado countryside, reminiscent of Bush crime family profiteering on the front end and back end of wars.

Darlene Novinger’s report and investigation was dubbed by the FBI as “Operation Nimbus;” but the entire operation and her reports dealing with Jamaican drug operations linked to current Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the Dallas, Texas E-Systems Corporation, shadow government operations at Homestead Air Force Base and Colonel Oliver North’s Pier 66 drug cartel imports into Miami never saw the light of day.

The entire evidence was covered up by Novinger’s FBI superiors and delivered to the Redwood City, California government archives facility, which U.S. intelligence agents affectionately call “the government paper-shredder.”

Get your kicks on Pier 66

Stew Webb’s intelligence sources—acquired from nearly a lifetime seeking information regarding his daughter’s whereabouts—told him about ongoing narcotics trafficking at Pier 66 in Miami:

“According to my sources, the Oceanic Seafood Company is still sending Oliver North’s submarine from Columbia into Miami’s Pier 66 packed with cocaine, covered over with layers of fish, and heavily packed in ice to mask the heat generated by the cocaine which would be detected by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency’s satellite heat-seeking surveillance.

Peter Brewton’s awarding winning book to which Webb contributed in an unnamed capacity, The Mafia, the CIA & George Bush confirms Webb’s assertions regarding the activities of “Jack DeVoe, a convicted cocaine trafficker and CIA-connected arms smuggler.”

According to Webb’s intelligence sources, Devoe was caught after landing a Cessna plane full of cocaine while heading for the Southern Air Transport hangers at Miami International Airport.

DeVoe was arrested and incarcerated for a short time; however, all six of George Bush Sr.’s former CIA attorneys led by Norman Brownstein appeared together in public for the first time to defend DeVoe, and were instrumental in having the CIA drug and weapons smuggler’s case dismissed if he promised to leave the country immediately in exchange for not going to jail for the rest of his life.

Interestingly, according to Webb’s intelligence sources, DeVoe allegedly continues his narcotics operations from a Caribbean-based yacht anchored at Pier 66 in Miami, along with two other yachts also operating in the Caribbean.

Curiously, Roger Moore, aka CIA contractor Robert Anderson, the famous Oklahoma City gun-shop owner who was reportedly robbed by CIA contractors Terry Lynn Nichols and contract agent Timothy McVeigh to finance their “bombing” of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, also parks his yacht at Pier 66, according to U.S. intelligence agents familiar with the marina.

The Pier 66 Miami operation was called “The Enterprise” by Colonel Oliver North and General Richard Secord during the illegal Iran contra drugs-for weapons scandal.

Nichols and Moore-Anderson allegedly worked directly for North in what was also referred to as CMAG or Civilian Materials Assistance Group which reportedly stole weapons from National Guard and Reserve Units and other military arsenals, all of which were sold to terrorists, as testified to during congressional Iran contra hearings—some of which were purposely classified by Congress to cover up the illegal Bush crime family operation.

Before Iran contra independent prosecutor Lawrence Walsh could indict George Bush Sr., the elder Bush obstructed justice by illegally pardoning his partners in crime—Fox News Channel’s Oliver North, former Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger and others in the Bush network—to effectively kill Walsh’s case.

George Bush Sr.’s actions beg the question as to whether Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has enough evidence to indict George Bush Jr. to prevent him from pardoning Scooter Libby in a manner similar to his father in order to kill Fitzgerald’s current CIA leak probe case and cut off further criminal procedure.

Killing the evidence

Given the enormous body of evidence and witnesses, it is not a stretch to consider the convenience of obtaining that which would facilitate drug induced chemical abuse by a president and members of his White House staff due to the proximity of cocaine to an administration’s “shadow government” operations.

CMAG was set up under the super secret National Program Office which itself was developed to ensure the continuity of government during or after an attack; but it also acts as a shadow government operation to hide illegal and covert criminal activities, according to Webb who says the crime continues today according to all his sources.

In an update to Clinton administration narcotics ties, Webb said former Arkansas Development Financial Authority (ADFA) Director Larry Nichols has allegedly admitted to laundering Mena, Arkansas drug proceeds and other illegal financial transactions for Bill and Hillary Clinton.

According to Webb’s intelligence sources, ADFA’s Larry Nichols was allegedly the paymaster to alleged Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols through Trinity Oil Company and Trinity board members Oliver North and Richard Secord.

Webb told us there were reports about a year ago that Larry Nichols received an illegal $500,000 bribe to remain silent, after which he purchased a used car dealership in Arkansas.

The National Program Office is also reportedly involved in the REX 84 internment camps developed to incarcerate dissident American citizens who become threats to presidential crime families for speaking out—or for “refusing to take vaccinations” or “becoming infected with influenza or other viruses,” raising questions about similar reported CIA prison torture camps throughout the world, said Webb.

Much of this activity is referred to in Private Bill Tyree’s ongoing lawsuits against Oliver North, George Bush Sr. and others, even as Tyree has remained in prison for 20 years after reportedly being set up in the murder of his wife.

Narcotics distribution was also reportedly linked to the U.S. House of Representatives post office check-kiting scandal at the end of the Bush 41 administration when hundreds of checks were bounced by legislators who post-dated hot checks they could not personally cover.

A congressional link to drug distribution lightly reported in the mainstream media was the fact that cocaine was sold over the counter in the House Post Office to congressmen, senators and their aides, according to Webb who received the information from intelligence officials who knew about the cover-up.

Webb said one way this could be confirmed was the fact that current New York Senator Charles Schumer’s wife was caught up in the narcotics part of the House check-kiting scandal and spent time at a half-way house for being allegedly linked to the scandal.

Webb added that then-Congressman Schumer was blackmailed under the Silverado Savings and Loan-financed Bolder, Colorado properties sting operation after being compromised by Webb’s former father-in-law Leonard Millman, Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Sr. and his son Neil who was on the board of directors at the failed Savings and Loan which cost U.S. taxpayers in the Billions.

Questions should be raised by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald regarding proven historical patterns of presidential drug usage and trafficking since there is no statute of limitations for the criminal prosecution of narcotics importation into the United States and no statute on narcotics money-laundering thereof--or espionage and treason under the Barclay Cole Indenture Act
--not to mention obstruction of justice and murder linked to all of the above criminal activities.

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