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Bush, GOP, DEMS to use illegal aliens to push ID card
Date: Tuesday, April 4
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“He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16

Bush, GOP, DEMS to use illegal aliens to push ID card

Intel agents using lead bags to prevent satellite spying via licenses & cell phones

by Tom Flocco

Washington—April 4, 2006—According to a U.S. intelligence source who has spoken to other officials in the intelligence community with direct knowledge of the plan, Bush administration and certain congressional legislators are quietly developing plans to roll out national ID cards for all Americans and illegal aliens living within U.S. borders.

The source told us the government has termed the project the “Federal Registration Identification Program,” to be proposed as a substitute for fences or walls along the border which have been proven effective in stopping illegal aliens, drug smugglers and human traffickers in San Diego.

As Minuteman Project immigration activists converge on the southern U.S. border to prevent the increased, mild weather spring influx of illegal immigrants, government officials are quietly planning to use the explosive issue to call for national chipped ID’s to prove citizenship identity.

The source told us the government is intent upon a so-called “cashless” society where the Bush administration can track for taxation and potential political purposes, all financial and personal transactions, medical and legal records, and the personal whereabouts of citizens and illegal aliens alike in what the source termed “an expansion of the current Bush spy program.”

“Mr. Bush and the Senate are planning to use outrage over illegal immigration to switch public opinion from border walls—legislated by the House—to national ID cards,” said the source.

Besides telephone and e-mail surveillance, the Bush administration has also been secretly spying on thousands of Americans by satellite, using chips already placed in state driver’s licenses and cell phones, the source told us.

CNBC partially confirmed the revelations when it said Friday morning that technology is currently available to employ chips in a “national ID card” or offer the alternative of placing a chip in the body of any American who “prefers to avoid the inconvenience of lost or stolen physical ID cards.”

The use of a national ID card will be presented as a viable method of compromise in order to identity corporate guest workers already in the U.S. who would receive amnesty and what illegal immigration activists are calling a “reward for breaking the law and entering the country illegally.”

Both Democratic and Republican parties are engaged in the immigration controversy; moreover, the illegal alien implication for big business and cheap labor—but also taxation to relieve impacted schools, hospitals and other public services—threatens to split both parties, opening the door for a viable third party option.

Bush administration officials would determine whether ID cards would be accepted by Americans only after laws were passed forcing illegal aliens to either carry the cards or be “chipped.”

Agents using lead bags to prevent driver’s license and cell phone monitoring

The source told us “the U.S. and foreign intelligence community has been using lead bags for the purpose of preventing satellite surveillance and physical reconnaissance ever since the Bush administration commenced its national spy program.”

Since current House and Senate members refuse to impeach and remove George W. Bush for violating constitutional protections against illegal search and seizure of private information, slipping cell phones and driver’s licenses into a lead bag at certain times would afford American citizens the opportunity to control when or where the Bush administration monitors their physical whereabouts.

On condition of anonymity, the source said “state driver’s licenses are already set up for future use in capturing financial, medical, and other personal and/or private records and information for use by the Bush administration and Congress to maximize tax compliance, national identification, or for potential political purposes.”

“Driver’s licenses are already linked to state police computer systems; and law enforcement officials have state-to-state reciprocity regarding traffic violations or other criminal activity as to certain information already encrypted into state licenses.”

“All Congress needs is public willingness to submit to a national ID card—and according to what I am hearing, the government plans to use the illegal immigration issue as the launching pad to convince Americans that the card is the only answer, because fences and walls are ‘impractical’ and ‘expensive,’ “ said the source.

This, despite numerous reports that the high fences in the San Diego, California sector have reduced illegal immigration from up to 85 or 90 percent.

Mr. Bush’s secret decision to permit eavesdropping inside the country without court approval represents a major shift in American intelligence gathering practices.

The National Security Agency (NSA) is tasked with spying on communication abroad; however, many government officials have said the Bush spy program has stretched and crossed the line on constitutional limits on search and seizure of private communications, and that Mr. Bush is breaking the law.

The NSA has normally been prevented from domestic spying except for cases involving foreign nationals; however, the New York Times reported that the agency “has monitored the e-mail, telephone calls and other communications of hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of people under the [administration’s spy] program.”

Americans, including activists, protestors, whistleblowers, federal agents, prosecutors, House and Senate members, media—corporate or alternative, actors and other celebrities, and anyone else deemed to have spoken out or written about the Bush administration in a negative or critical manner has been subject to the Bush spy program, according to the source.

Senator John D. Rockefeller IV (D-WV) and a judge presiding over the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court have already expressed reservations about particular aspects of the Bush administration’s determination to stretch the law to its limits—even to the extent that their questions led to a short cessation of the spy program by Bush officials, according to reports.

Mr. Bush’s presidential executive order initiating domestic spying began in early 2002, according to reports.

[To provide American citizens the opportunity to control the monitoring of their physical whereabouts and/or to provide a conversation piece to draw attention to congressional approval of presidential law-breaking, violations of constitutional privacy and the failure of Congress to impeach President Bush, we are making available the same quality lead bags used by U.S. and foreign intelligence agents, to be purchased for a modest amount in order to better publicize Mr. Bush’s congressionally endorsed spying on the American people. TF]

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