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Mary Schneider
Date: Sunday, November 28 @ 19:11:51 EST
Topic: 9-11 Court Cases

Florida Congressman Ric Keller says illegal Muslim links to 'hijacker' Atta & bin Laden in his Orlando district 'not under my purview'

by Tom Flocco

Orlando, Florida--December 8, congressman Ric Keller (R-8-FL), a member of the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security told federal whistleblower Mary Schneider in a response to her letter requesting assistance regarding her firing from a 30-year federal career--related to evidence of federal immigration bribery tied directly to alleged 9-11 ringleader-hijacker Mohamed Atta and terrorism-linked Khalil bin Laden.
In her letter to Keller, the federal adjudications officer in Orlando's Immigration Office of the Department of Homeland Security said she reported the information to Attorneys General Louis Freeh and John Ashcroft, FBI Director Robert Mueller and other legislators over the past few years that "illegal Muslims had bribed her supervisors, shredded seven years of official records to prevent auditing of felony fraud cases, and presented evidence that 70 illegal Muslims were bribed for green cards and U.S. citizenship after committing "felony fraud sham marriages, purjury, bribery, altered/counterfeit documents, bigamy, illegal entry or overstay, illegal employment and fraudulent tax returns."

Schneider told Keller "One of the illegal Muslims these corrupt officials have given aid and comfort to is Moroccan Muslim Lyazid Abad....He married four different American women in an attempt to obtain a green card....(Abad's) fourth marriage was to U.S. citizen Christine Marie Sharrit in Orlando (marriage license #14787677)."

The immigration officer continued: "When I did not approve his four sham marriages, he purchased two money orders for $1,500 each, made out to my Orlando immigration supervisors, Susan Dugas and Stella Jarina--recently promoted....(Dugas/Jarina) surreptitiously removed his case documents from my office, after hours, and locked them in their offices without denial (of a green card) or prosecution for over six years."

Curiously, the Orlando congressman and House Terrorism Committee member representing Florida's eighth district told Schneider "I regret that this matter does not fall within my purview," even when she told Keller "illegal Muslim Lyazid Abad was associated with West Orlando area resident Khalil bin Laden (documented terrorist funding) who resided at 17920 W. Colonial Dr., Winter Garden, Florida, whom Abad chauffeured to Miami and to Tampa. Christine Sharrit reported that Abad lived with Mohamed Atta prior to their (February, 1997) wedding."

Keller thought to the matter important enough to contact the

P.O. BOX 2660, WINDERMERE, FLORIDA 34785  (407) ***-****

November 23, 2004

Via Facsimile (407) 872-1944 and (202) 225-0999

Ric Keller, Representative, Congress
419 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-0908

Re: Taxpayer Constituent Requests URGENT Immediate Assistance to Protect Federal Job -- FIRED by Corrupt, Reprising Officials for My Reporting Their Terrorist Related Activities, that of Giving Aid and Comfort to Illegal Muslims After They had Committed Numerous

Dear Congressman Keller:

I am in receipt of your letter, which was dated and mailed yesterday, Monday, November 22, 2004, by your Orlando, Florida office. This is the first ever response I have received from you in the three weeks to my November 3rd letter and five faxes to you requesting the above stated assistance. No one from your Washington or Orlando office has ever contacted me by phone to discuss this matter with me.

This letter from your Orlando office states "Congressional courtesy does not allow me to assist constituents who either do not reside in my district or whose problem is not a matter under purview of a federal agency."

Had anyone in your Orlando or Washington offices ever once showed me the slighted courtesy and due respect of communicating with me, your would know that I do not live in a postal box used strictly for mailing purposes. I have resided and worked in Orlando, Florida for 17 years, December, 1987, so yes I am YOUR constituent.

I can only describe your letter as a "pass the buck", "wash my hands" and "run as fast as I can" from addressing on-going, extensive federal corruption related to terrorist activities in the Orlando area and state of Florida. Your letter does not express any concern for the terrorist related activities by corrupt officials that, as an officially designated whistleblower, I have repeatedly reported for over six years.

Your response to my whistleblower retaliation firing and terrorist related activities in Florida's 8th District is "...the allegations you noted in your letter with reference to conspiraciew involving federal officials are of concern to me. It was determined that since you have two pending court cases, one with the Merit Systems Protection Board, I can not intervene in this matter."

Nowhere in my letter to you dated November 3, 2004, and re-faxed on November 15th, 16th, 18th and 22nd, did I request assistance from you regarding my present case on appeal with the Merit Systems Protection Board or my Title VII civil rights violation lawsuit.
These two cases are unrelated and do not address my illegal FIRING and termination from a 30-year federal career.

You continue to say "I regret that this matter does not fall within my purview; however, please keep me informed of the outcome of your cases." I beg to differ. This very much falls within your purview as an employee of the American Taxpayers, accountable to We, The People, and for our safety and security. And, you are a member of the House Terrorism Subcommittee!

As an American citizen who has paid taxes for 34 years, and as your taxpayer constituent, I am requesting your assistance in my illegal FIRING by corrupt officials whom I have reported involved with terrorist related activities of giving aid and comfort to illegal Muslims.

The assistance I seek is that you immediately contact Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge demanding a stop to this illegal prohibited personnel practice of whistleblower retaliation firing, and that my employment be reinstated. These corrupt, reprising officials are, again, using inconsistent, inequitable, disparate treatment and trumped up charges to justify firing me. I did nothing wrong.

I do not rubber stamp fraud to reward illegal aliens with green cards leading to our highest privilege of United States citizenship.

The assistance I also seek is a demonstration of your concern for our national security by requesting an immediate, unbiased, non-partisan, authentic and comprehensive investigation by the Government Accounting Office (GAO) -- the investigative arm of the United States Congress, into these on-going, extensive treasonous briberies and cover up conspiracies giving aid and comfort to illegal Muslims who have committed numerous felonies.

As the Peoples' representative in Florida's Orlando District where we live, why are you abrogating your responsibility and federal oath to uphold the Constitution and rule of law, and to protect the safety of the American People by not calling for immediate Congressional hearings?

Your lack of action is permitting on-going illegal Muslim terrorist-related activities in your own congressional district. I repeatedly apprised you in writing, just six months after 911, but more than two and a half years ago, about on-going, extensive briberies and cover up conspiracies of federal officials giving aid and comfort to illegal Muslims -- again, in your district.

Congressman Keller, as a member of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, the citizens of Florida's 8th Congressional District deserve to know why you are allowing illegal Muslims to engage in felony fraud sham marriages and briberies to illegally obtain green cards and United States citizenship while also maintaining terrorist support cells in your own district!

All of this, without your immediate action, investigation and congressional hearings.

I informed you of all the above two and a half years ago on four separate occasions without any response from you.

Why are you, in effect, refusing to address terrorist related safety issues and illegal retaliation against me as a whistleblower, fired for reporting extensive federal corruption threatening our national security?

If terrorism is not under your purview as a member of the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, what is?


Mary Schneider
Federal Whistleblower

Email at:
cc: Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr., (R-5-WI) Chairman
House Judiciary Committee, via facsimile 202-225-7682/3190

Rep. John Conyers, Jr., (D-14-MI), Ranking Member,
House Judiciary Committee, via facimile: 202-225-7682/0072

Rep. Howard Coble (R-6-NC) Chairman, Subcommittee on
Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, via facimile:
202 -225-3737/8611

Rep Bobby Scott (D-3-VA) Ranking Member, Subcommittee on
Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, via facsimile:

Donald Appignani, Attorney at Law

See legal and whistleblower documents at:

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