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Former GOP House leader testified against Bush

Date: Friday, July 7, 2006
Topic: Bush corruption

Former GOP House leader testified against Bush

British agents in Capitol gunfight sought evidence in Tom DeLay's office while past grand jury appearances of Colin Powell and George Tenet may also concern Bush administration

by Tom Flocco

Washington—July 7, 2006——Former GOP House Majority Leader Tom Delay testified against President George W. Bush before one of Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s grand juries during the week of May 22, according to U.S. intelligence sources with knowledge of the case.

It was also revealed that British operatives involved in the Friday, May 26 shootout at the House Rayburn building parking garage had been seeking files in DeLay's office in an attempt to recover evidence regarding indicted GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Two UK agents and one French operative were killed in the covered up Rayburn gunfight and then removed from the House parking garage in body bags, all of which was suppressed by Capitol police and the national media.

In exchange for his grand jury cooperation, Delay received transactional immunity from prosecution.

Bush administration worried about Powell and Tenet testimony?

Former Bush 43 Secretary of State Colin Powell had previously testified last summer according to intelligence sources who added that former CIA Director George Tenet has also provided testimony against Mr. Bush before the grand jury.

Individuals around Powell told intelligence sources that the former secretary of state was taken to an Aspen, Colorado hospital today after a meal with former President Clinton and others participating in the Aspen Ideas forum.

Those close to the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told the sources that they were originally worried that Powell might have been the victim of an attempted poisoning; but Powell later returned from the hospital and said he was fine.

Last week Kenneth Lay, convicted former CEO of bankrupt Enron Corporation and close friend of George W. Bush, was found dead of a reported heart attack in Aspen, Colorado.

Drugs and money-laundering cited in Abramoff case testimony

Intelligence sources said former Majority Leader DeLay "joined GOP California Representative Jerry Lewis in cooperating with Department of Justice officials before the grand jury."

Evidence presented included criminal activities related to convicted GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff; and part of DeLay's testimony dealt with drug money-laundering activities linked to Mena, Arkansas, former President Bill Clinton and former First Lady and current Senator Hillary Clinton.

DeLay reportedly provided evidence and testimony regarding approximately 17 areas of criminal evidence involving Mr. Bush; however, the full scope of the testimony was not revealed.

One intelligence source told that "DeLay knew about Clinton-Bush assassination teams in the United States, details of the Vince Foster murder, the John F. Kennedy Jr. assassination, and events surrounding the September 11 attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Delay was allegedly "up to his eyeballs regarding retirement accounts, gifts and income issues" linked to his family, the government probe of his campaign finance activities and links to questionable contributions regarding a former House staffer employed as a lobbyist according to the sources.

On July 24, 1998 Delay was nearly assassinated himself in his Capitol Hill office; and intelligence agents knew that he was aware of multiple criminal activities linked to the Bush and Clinton crime families, adding that the former House leader "knew where the bodies were buried."

Covered up Rayburn gunfight

The shootout at the House Rayburn building was covered up by legislative leaders and a White House well aware that DeLay was due to vacate his House office on Friday, June 9.

This left a rapidly decreasing window of opportunity for those who also knew he had testified before the grand jury at the end of May and might have evidence regarding the content of that appearance still remaining in his Capitol Hill office.

The May 26 Rayburn altercation likely closed the door on any opportunity to covertly confiscate documents from Delay’s office before he officially left the House of Representatives just two weeks later, given heightened security awareness in subsequent days.

The gunfight between British, French and Israeli agents turned into an exchange of automatic weapons fire on the level just below daily activities involving House members and their staffs on the floors above.

According to multiple U.S. intelligence sources, the collateral damage to automobiles was substantial enough that Capitol police closed the Rayburn building over the weekend, temporarily removing the license tags from bullet ridden vehicles and turned the garage into what amounted to an auto-body shop.

Blindfolded repairmen were reportedly flown in from Albuquerque, New Mexico after being offered compensation well above their normal pay to "remain silent about a secret operation requiring their services in Quebec, Canada."

The Rayburn gunfight took place with the full knowledge of Bush officials since formal protests and reports were exchanged by the British and French governments which were provided to the administration according to high national security sources.

The documents presented to Mr. Bush were classified under arcane U.S. intelligence regulations to further sequester the evidence from the American people.

The national media has not reported the existence of the British and French protest documents sent to the president.

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