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CIA asset tied to bin Laden infiltrated FBI before 9/11
Date: September 5, 2006
Topic: 9/11 Investigations

CIA asset tied to bin Laden infiltrated FBI before 9/11

Special prosecutor Fitzgerald met twice with asset, covered up links to al Qaeda and corruption implicating immigration officials and NY Mayor Giuliani--all connected to documents linking Vice President Cheney to 9/11 plot in Philippines

By Tom Flocco

Patrick Fitzgerald
New York—September 5, 2006—Tom—A former ABC News investigative reporter and a U.S. intelligence expert have both raised serious questions regarding evidence that [Valerie Plame] CIA leak case special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald covered up an al Qaeda New York cell in 1996 prior to meeting twice with CIA asset and bin Laden chief of security Ali Mohammed [also spelled Mohamed] in 1997 during his stint as a New York assistant U.S. attorney.

Ali Mohammed
Former ABC News reporter Peter Lance told on Friday that after Fitzgerald named Ali Mohammed as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the “Day of Terror” plot to blow up the U.N. and Manhattan bridges and tunnels, he permitted Ali to remain free as far back as 1994.

Intelligence expert Thomas Heneghan spoke with us last night, revealing that “Ali Mohammed was the CIA’s eyes and ears inside the FBI while working both sides as an FBI informant.”

Heneghan, a federal whistleblower, also confirmed Lance’s assertions that Ali was Osama bin Laden’s chief spy who infiltrated the CIA, FBI and the Green Berets at Fort Bragg, indicating that “Osama bin Laden [aka Tim Osman] has been a CIA asset ever since the 1980’s, having illegally purchased Stinger missiles from U.S. officials for use against the Russians in Afghanistan.”

"It’s not a stretch to think that the CIA and bin Laden both used Ali Mohammed to infiltrate the FBI, since bin Laden has been a long-time CIA asset,” he said. “Look who’s named in that FBI memo.”

"The document is authentic and would stand up in court if Congress was not failing in its constitutional oversight and the Justice Department was not a political arm of the Bush administration,” said Heneghan.

"Agency officials named in the memo should be subpoenaed to explain why U.S. weapons [Stinger missiles] and PROMIS software technology and spy-ware upgrades [Prosecutor’s Management Information System] were being illegally transferred to foreign countries.”

"The American people should be asking why congressional and Justice Department oversight allowed bin Laden’s chief spy to infiltrate the CIA and FBI before September 11,” he said.

Lance and Heneghan’s allegations help confirm suspicions held by many Americans who believe the U.S. government knew the September 11 attacks were imminent and allowed them to occur to fan flames of war against Muslim extremists to further President Bush’s global oil agenda.

Heneghen indicated there is concern among agency insiders that the Special Counsel may be compromised by the Bush administration, adding “observant intelligence sources know Fitzgerald is being ‘worked’ by the White House.”

"Intelligence sources also question whether Fitzgerald is another Kenneth Starr—who obstructed justice during the Clinton administration regarding transfers of weapons technology to China,” he said.

Fitzgerald cover-up?

The U.N. plotters involved in the “Day of Terror” plot went on trial in 1995; and Ali Mohammed was not made available to testify, despite intense interest from the numerous defense attorneys representing a dozen defendants.

Some of the attorneys defending the conspirators openly charged in court that Ali was still working for the CIA while training the U.S. plotters at the same time—one of the themes of Peter Lance’s book which is also supported by Tom Heneghan’s numerous intelligence sources.

The defense attorneys asserted that the defendants were only guilty of supporting CIA-funded jihad operations in the Middle East; but the jury found them guilty and the investigation closed down.

In a blog at Huffington Post Lance said Patrick Fitzgerald “took more than 18 months to get a plea bargain out of Mohammed, who never truly betrayed al Qaeda,” adding “they kept him in Manhattan Federal jail for nine months on a ‘John Doe’ warrant for fear the media would get wind of their incompetence and actually prevented Ali from testifying in the Embassy bombing trial in 2001.”

Lance further explained that Ali was kept hidden from the court “because of the embarrassment that cross-examination of Mohammed would cause the Bureau and the Justice Department which had allowed bin Laden’s top spy to work as an FBI informant—evidence never adjudicated in New York Federal Court.

While Lance’s blog seemed to attribute Fitzgerald’s actions to incompetence, poor judgment and honest mistakes [his book may tell a different story], Tom Heneghan says “elements of the CIA were working directly with their CIA assets Osama bin Laden and Ali Mohammed.

Cheney implicated in 9/11 plot by Leo Wanta

Lance also said “while [Fitzgerald] had Ali in custody for three years, the special prosecutor and Jack Cloonan [I-49 squad member] failed to extract the 9/11 plot from him, even though they knew that the [September 11] plot had commenced in 1994 in Manila, Philippines almost four years before Ali’s capture,” adding, “As the man who had lived with bin Laden and personally trained his security detail, Mohammed knew every twist and turn of it.”

Heneghan added, “Ali Mohammed, a CIA asset, infiltrated the Mossad-ridden—Mohammed Atta—9/11—FBI Division 5 cells linked to New York Urban Moving Systems operatives also known widely as the “dancing Israelis" who celebrated the falling towers from a New Jersey building top.”

Lance’s assertions corroborate two stories [November 2 and 9, 2005] buttressed by online documents written by Ambassador Leo Wanta at which implicate Vice-President Richard Cheney as having knowledge of boxes of cash being moved from the Philippines where the plot was hatched,
immediately following the 9/11 attacks, while an FBI agent met with one of bin Laden’s aides 30 days after September 11.

Besides addressing the documents to Cheney, one memo names FBI Special agent-in-charge Robert Wachtel and CIA intelligence contractor Brad Lee as being present and “in close contact with” a person identified as Datu ben Abu—a bin Laden aide pictured in the White House “terrorist” video footage released to the U.S. media and viewed worldwide. [Abu is also a Russian KGB agent according to knowledgeable intelligence sources.]

Congress and Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald are well aware of Leo Wanta’s explosive documents addressed to Vice President Cheney which link him to the 9/11 plot, but have thus far failed to subpoena the two FBI Special agents and Mr. Cheney to publicly testify regarding their contents.


John P. O’Neill
Heneghan also referred to FBI agent John P. O’Neill—who died at the World Trade Center--as having been probing corruption involving New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik and Fitzgerald’s I-49 squad.

This, while the current Plame case prosecutor was then head of organized crime and terrorism in the U.S. attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York and effectively heading I-49.

September 11 Commission Chairman Thomas Kean and Vice-Chairman Lee Hamilton seemed to hint that Giuliani had something to hide when they said in their book Without Precedent that the questioning of Giuliani was considered “a low point” in the examination of witnesses during public hearings.

“We did not ask tough questions, nor did we get all of the information we needed to put on the public record,” they wrote.

Weak congressional oversight

Ali Mohammed
In his soon-to-be-released Harper-Collins book Triple Cross—How bin Ladens chief security advisor penetrated the CIA, FBI and the Green Berets, Peter Lance reports the story of how Ali Mohamed came to the U.S. in 1985 and seduced a California woman into marriage, enlisted in the U.S. Army and then got himself assigned to the JFK Special Warfare School for Green Berets at Fort Bragg. previously detailed how weak congressional immigration oversight allows Muslim extremists to use American women to gain a foothold in the U.S.A. via a series of stories about federal whistleblower and Orlando immigration adjudications officer Mary Schneider.

Schneider contacted scores of Bush administration officials, congressmen and senators regarding cash bribes by illegal alien Muslims in the Orlando office, shredding documents and fake warrants—all to no avail.

This writer personally flew to Florida and met with Chief of Staff Bryan Malenius in the Orlando congressional district office of GOP Rep. Ric Keller (R-8) and with a staff member in the office of Democratic Senator Bill Nelson—both of whom never followed up or responded to the evidence we presented regarding illegal alien Muslims and the 9/11 attacks.

Importance of the Plame leak case has previously written that Patrick Fitzgerald’s initial investigation of the Valerie Plame CIA outing was attributed to the Bush administration‘s attempt to plant weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq after none were found there.

Heneghan told that Valerie Plame’s CIA group used the cover of Brewster-Jennings Energy Company “to investigate the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) issue in Iraq and how Turkey could have been used as an invasion pivot point using troops coming from the north and south that may have prevented the insurgency if they swept through quickly—and the firefights would have been prevented at the Baghdad airport, where many Americans lost their lives.”

"Plame's team discovered and interdicted an attempt to plant WMD by Mossad agents, masking themselves as Israeli military officers working unofficially in Baghdad with the United States Military Central Command and known as the J2X Joint Intelligence Liaison," according to the federal whistleblower.

Heneghan’s numerous intelligence sources also revealed that “former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz was in command and control of the failed operation attempting to plant the WMD,” adding, “this was kept secret for the purpose of ‘discovering’ the weapons in order to justify Bush’s Iraq war.

&lThe October, 2002 smuggling operation involving VX nerve gas and aluminum tubes may have traveled through the black market from provinces outside the Russian Federation and linked to rogue intelligence operative Gary Best, and then into Bosnia or Kosovo—but more likely Bosnia—and then into Turkey before being intercepted by the team in Valerie Plame’s intelligence group; and this information is in former CIA Director George Tenet's damage assessment report,” said Heneghan.

Current CIA Director Porter Goss is refusing to give special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald the subpoenaed damage assessment report written by Tenet, detailing how many American operatives were murdered and the full extent of harm to U.S. national security which resulted from the Bush administration leak exposing Valerie Plame Wilson as a deep cover operative, according to intelligence officials.

U.S. intelligence agents say Goss and the White House are obstructing justice by failing to cooperate with Fitzgerald’s grand jury while claiming that Americans are not entitled to see the contents of Tenet’s report for “national security” reasons.

The Pakistan Daily Times reported that retired Navy Lt. Commander and 28 year Defense Department veteran Nelda Rogers, another Pentagon whistleblower, said “the Bush administration’s assurance about finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was based on a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) plan to 'plant' WMDs inside the country.”

It is not known whether the Fitzgerald grand jury has subpoenaed testimony from the former U.S. Navy officer who said “the plan failed when the secret mission was mistakenly taken out by ‘friendly fire.’ “

"U.S. intelligence sources said no WMD were found in Iraq and that Mr. Bush used false British intelligence documents to provide the President with more evidence to attack Iraq,” said Heneghan.

The Bush White House also used the American media to out Valerie Plame as a CIA deep cover operative, and as a result of this action, scores of overseas Middle Eastern intelligence field operatives were murdered—Arabs working for U.S. intelligence, according to Heneghan.

These and other revelations raise more serious questions regarding why House and Senate intelligence committee members are not being subpoenaed by Fitzgerald to publicly testify as to whether they obstructed justice, permitting the White House to commit treason against the American people—and thousands of families suffering dead and injured sons and daughters.

E-vote election corruption....or truth and justice?

Tom Heneghan calls Cheney's indicted Chief-of-staff Scooter Libby a "throwaway patsy awaiting a pre-arranged pardon by Mr. Bush; however, he also revealed some explosive information not reported by national media—revelations of which Plame may not even be aware.

"The subject in Fitzgerald's leak case prosecution—Valerie Plame—was the intended target of a Libby--linked assassination plot in Paris around October, 2004 which was foiled by French and U.S. agents," said the intelligence expert.

"The assassination attempt involved a plan to push her under the subway train in Paris; but the plot was covered up when French newspapers said the two intended British MI-6 assassins lying in wait for Plame simultaneously committed suicide by throwing themselves under the train," said Heneghan.

Interestingly, Lance said “two key federal officials who covered up probative al Qaeda intelligence in 1996 remain in senior positions at the Justice Department. Fitzgerald is U.S. Attorney for Chicago and Special Prosecutor in the CIA leak case. Valerie Caproni, who supported Fitzgerald’s 1996 burial of evidence of an active al Qaeda cell in New York, is now the FBI’s general counsel.”

Voting machine corruption notwithstanding, given the soft September 11 congressional investigation and weak cooperation by the Bush administration tolerated by the 9/11 Commission, Americans may never learn the truth about Ali Mohammed, Patrick Fitzgerald, Richard Cheney and the 9/11 plot emanating from the Philippines.

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