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Bribe a congressman... profit from torture & war was the the second website to offer the DVD "Loose Change" and its story of 9/11 treason after we had lunch with the producer in Washington, DC, and now, some 30-40 million viewings later, we offer another DVD with evidence of Bush administration war crimes. This powerful presentation will provoke an emotional response and it needs to be shared WORLDWIDE since Democrats and Republicans alike refuse to impeach or arrest George W. Bush.

"The story of a private American contractor pocketing millions in taxpayer dollars for interrogation
and torture of prisoners is particularly compelling and may ultimately lead to prosecution of Bush administration officials for war crimes...and the congressional campaign bribes from war profiteers which facilitated this criminal fraud will lead to accountability at the polls if it gets out to the public before November."

"Regardless of the war, the administration, or the various sophistries for expending human lives as a matter of government policy, profiteering from it universally offends all citizens, whether they are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, other parties or no shows."
Charles Lewis, founder of the Center for Pubic Integrity

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers is the story of what happens to everyday Americans when corporations go to war. The documentary takes you inside the lives of soldiers, truck drivers, widows and children who have been changed forever as a result of profiteering in the reconstruction of Iraq. Iraq for Sale uncovers the connections between private corporations making a killing in Iraq and the decision makers who allow them to do so.

The film is 75 minutes long.
$12.95 + $3.00 (S/H) = $15.95 total
Tom Flocco
3553 West Chester Pike # 149
Newtown Square, PA 19073

"Plantation capitalism... covered up by CNBC & Bloomberg News"
"Devastating...could lead to national Wal-Mart boycott..."
Filmmaker Robert Greenwald lays into Wal-Mart, its CEO Lee Scott and Sam Walton's heirs in this probing critique of corporate injustice. Instead of providing a single narrative voice, Greenwald structures his film as a series of vignettes focusing on discrete instances where Wal-Mart has violated fair market practices, passed over women and minorities for leadership positions, restricted movements toward employee unionization, taken advantage of cheap labor in China and India, and disregarded environmental standards.

WALMART the high cost of low price
The grievances seem endless, and the film even discloses the embarrassingly paltry amounts each Walton family member has given to charitable causes (compared to Bill Gates, of course). The most touching episodes focus on victims like Red Esry, who are experiencing the closure of their multi-generational small businesses in small towns where Wal-Mart opens and cannibalizes the competition.

Especially effective is the use of archived footage of Scott asserting to a massive audience of his employees that Wal-Mart has done nothing but good for the economy, even though many of them have to go on welfare to get medical care. The film ends with a montage of people who have successfully lobbied against the construction of stores in their towns. At the same time, Greenwald has not made a monomaniacal diatribe, as the takeaway never feels like the destruction of Wal-Mart but more a call for a severe overhaul of their internal practices.

The DVD has several extras, the best being a twenty-minute making-of featurette and a separate 16-minute short, "The Big Meeting", on how the film came about. Greenwald also provides a commentary track, though much of what he shares can be gleaned from the featurettes. There are a couple of deleted segments that do seem redundant if they were included in the movie (one set in Quebec, the other in England), as well as a brief clip of local religious leaders condemning Wal-Mart's practices. Lastly, there are several fitfully funny Wal-Mart commercial parodies that apparently served as commercials for the documentary. Those looking for a more-in-depth analysis of Wal-Mart's business impact may want to read Charles Fishman's "The Wal Mart Effect: How the World's Most Powerful Company Really Works - and How It's Transforming the American Economy".

$12.95 + ($3.00 S/H) = $15.95 total

Tom Flocco
3553 West Chester Pike # 149
Newtown Square, PA 19073



"A short, to-the-point presentation of the illegal immigration crisis which also offers concrete solutions...a quick and convenient way to expose this critical issue to your family, friends and neighbors BEFORE the elections!"


How should America deal with the increase in Mexico-to-U.S. border crossings resulting in millions of immigrants living here illegally? What kind of effect does this crisis have on all Americans?

The problem facing the nation along the southern border with Mexico is not so much immigration as invasion.
It is important to clarify the distinction between the two. Immigration occurs when individuals from other nations immigrate to a new nation and become citizens of that new nation, all while obeying the immigration laws of the recipient state. This certainly does not describe what is happening
on the Mexican border. There, migrants stream across the border encouraged by the policies of the Mexican government.

The U.S. Constitution states that the United States "shall protect each [of the states] against invasion." Far from opposing this invasion, U.S. policy has actually encouraged it. In 2004 the Bush administration proposed a "guest worker" program that would have allowed millions of illegal m
igrants to remain in the United States for years. The plan is, essentially, an amnesty program that exempts illegal migrants from obeying immigration laws. It has been a lure for additional millions to cross the border, and instead of being a cure for the problem as the president and his supporters have claimed, it has made the problem worse.

In addition, the Bush plan - and illegal immigration generally - makes a mockery of those who immigrated here legally, as McManus points out. "Almost all politicians, reporters, radio and television commentators, professors, and others customarily refer to the millions of invaders as 'undocumented workers,' or 'guest workers,' or job-seeking immigrants," McManus says. "But the reality is that the millions who have come here uninvited have thumbed their noses at our laws and entered the United States illegally. Their invasion has produced many serious consequences. The illegal immigrants have created enormous financial drains on states and communities where they have migrated; forced many hospitals out of business because of having to care for immigrants who have no funds ... inundated the schools ... and demanded that they receive instruction in their native language.... They have also filled the prisons with their criminal element."

John F. McManus offers some hard-hitting logic and a common sense approach while rendering the illegal immigration issue's past and present in bold colors. Inform yourself, your family, your friends and others about this major social and economic crisis of the 21st Century....And learn what you can do to help put an end to the
IMMIGRATION INVASION! And pass the DVD around...

$13.95 (includes shipping and handling)

Tom Flocco
3553 West Chester Pike # 149
Newtown Square, PA 19073


"The best tool I have seen to affect fast and dynamic change in putting a stop to congressionally-sanctioned fraud in the U.S. government banking system..."
Where would Jesus bank? CD audio seminar by Catherine Austin Fitts
The U.S. government has reported $4 Trillion dollars missing from the U.S. Treasury over the last 6 years. These fraudulent transactions are undocumented and the Bush and Clinton administrations REFUSED to produce audited financial statements. Big U.S. banks which manage government bank accounts are letting this happen. Are the 20 largest U.S. banks fraudulently inducing your family to assume exorbitant debt, already knowing it may be impossible for you to ever pay it back?
Is your bank loaning your money to companies that send American jobs overseas or looking the other way when foreign correspondent banks "launder" illegal narcotics proceeds into your family bank? WHY IS CONGRESS
PERMITTING YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS TO BE SIPHONED OUTSIDE THE U.S. CONSTITUTION INTO UNAUDITED, SECRET "BLACK BUDGET" ACCOUNTS UNDER THE PRETEXT OF "NATIONAL SECURITY?" LEARN HOW TO "VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY." Let University of Pennsylvania Wharton Business School grad and former HUD Asst. Secy. Catherine Austin Fitts teach you and your friends how and why to decentralize our banking system by switching to a well managed local bank and away from corrupt big banks which are destroying America. Learn whether your bank is one of the 20 "tape-worm" banks which made $89 billion in profits while American families lost over $300 billion via dirty practices like "loan-shark" credit cards, predatory lending, Enron style off-shore "deals," and money laundering. Learn how failing big banks are bailed out with our money. Learn how to "go local" and take the financial gas out of the global elites' tank! Learn how to teach your kids about the opportunity for Americans to switch their money to well-managed local banks to finance new jobs and revive communities. ORDER "Where would Jesus bank?" today: (75 minute audio CD seminar for $12.95 + $1.00 shipping) Send check to: / 3553 West Chester Pike # 149 / Newtown Square, PA 19073

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