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Story Archive

Bush Corruption

  Former GOP House leader testified against Bush
  Local media aware of top-secret Cambone/911 notes
  Dubai's Grand Central Station purchase raises terrorism questions
  D.C. Appellate Court throws out Bush suit against DOJ to block Fitzgerald indictments
  Secret Service, U.S. intel say Bush uses cocaine, Prozac, alcohol
  Bush-Cheney CIA/Plame case indictments released Friday
  U.S. intelligence reports Miers as -deep-cover- foreign operative
  CIA, French intelligence kill 4, capture 5 Israelis in NY subway attack
  Hinckley And Bush Families Were Close Friends
  Government Officials Profited
  Bush and Cheney Indicted
  Who killed John-John?

Congressional Corruption

  Witness says 20-30 pedophile legislators abused abducted children
  Photographer tied to WH child sex-ring arrested after Thompson suicide
  Weldon’s Paris trips tied to cover-up of 9/11 French intelligence intercepts
Weldon FBI probe linked to American Turkish Council, secret money laundering accounts

9-11 Attacks

  Flashback: Dead Saudi Major Related to 9-11 'Terrorists'?
  Air Attack on U.S. Planned for October, 2004?
  Feds knew about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks
  NMCC ops director asked substitute on 9-10 to stand his watch on 9-11
  Dead Saudi Major Related To 9-11 Terrorists?
  9-11 Probe Continues To Bypass Executive Branch Testimony

9-11 Commission

  Gov't Withholding 9/11 Evidence, Evading Intel Brief Policy
  DOJ Asked FBI Translator To Change Pre 9-11
  Citizen Group To Run 9-11 Cover-up Ads in Washington, DC
  9-11 Panel Still Discussing Bush Subpoena
   Pre-Attack Briefings May Have ‘Probative Value’

9-11 Court Cases

  Temp: Mary Schneider
  9-11 widow cites attorney, presidential conflicts in court petition
  NH Widow fights 9-11 Estate Challenge linked to President Bush
  President Served Personal 9-11 RICO Complaint
  Congressional Nominee Threatened
  9/11 Judge Orders Consolidation
  DOJ Loses 9/11 Evidence Control Attempt
  DOJ Attempts Shutdown of 9-11 Evidence

9-11 Insider Trading

  Profits Of Death - Insider Trading And 9-11 Part I
  Profits Of Death - Insider Trading And 9-11 Part II
  Profits Of Death - Insider Trading And 9-11 Part III

9-11 Investigations

  CIA asset tied to bin Laden infiltrated FBI before 9/11
  Financial terrorism towers over September 11
  Translator Alleges FBI / State Dept Espionage, Possible Treason
  National Security Experts Blast Bush & 9-11 Commission
  Edmonds sues Ashcroft again, asserts 911-related actions were illegal
  Sleeping With The Enemy--9/11 Immigration Fraud
  Manifest Raises Questions About Saudi Flights After 9/11
  Senators Gave Immunity To Airport Security Firms
  Top 11 Lines Of Inquiry -- 9-11 Investigation
  Controversial Actions Trump 9/11 Skyscraper Safety Hearing
  Bush May Invoke 9/11 Executive Privilege and Secrecy
  FBI linguist won't deny 911 drug money tied to election coffers

Bush Military Record

...There are no news items yet for this topic...

Contributing Authors

...There are no news items yet for this topic...

Election Fraud

  Will Kerry fund real probe if House member seeks Ohio elector challenge?
  Documents reveal 3-hours missing from e-vote election night audit log
  Hacking The Presidency
  Election-Fraud Website Removed Before Tuesday Recall Vote

Gulf War Syndrome

...There are no news items yet for this topic...

Illegal Immigration

  Florida congressman refuses to probe terrorist cell in his own district
  Homeland Security Whistleblower Removed for Exposing Terrorist Threats
  House Leader Joins Bush To Assist Illegal Aliens
  State Dept. Permits Mexico To Exploit Consular Offices
  9-11 Relative Sues Bush For Failure To Deport

Looting U.S. Treasury

...There are no news items yet for this topic...

Loss of Freedom (Patriot Act)

...There are no news items yet for this topic...

Mexico Balcony Deaths

  Mexico Balcony Deaths
  MSNBC Cancels Mexico Balcony Death Segment During Spring Break


  Depleted Uranium Symptoms Linked to Soldier's Mysterious Death

News Media Control

  Fahrenheit 9/11 Blacked-out in PA GOP Stronghold
  Rush Limbaugh: 9-11 Families Used, Coached, Exploited
  Two 9-11 Widows Respond to Rush Limbaugh Attacks

Press Releases

  9-11 Widow Requests Writ To Depose Saddam Hussein
  Will Justice Be Done? (Complete Mariani Filed Complaint)
  Crucial "Causes" of Our Time
  Ellen Mariani 9-11 Press Release Sept. 10, 2003

Stock-Pension Fraud

...There are no news items yet for this topic...

Travel Safety

  Caribbean sex-trafficking threatens women on vacation

U.S. Economy & Jobs

  Did Your Legislator Vote To Kill U.S. Job Market?
  Boycott Outsourcing of American Jobs Overseas

War on Terror

  Gonzalez confirmation hearing ignored US/Jordan torture links
  CIA holds top al Qaeda suspects in Jordan
  Laptop Report From Fullujah, Iraq Battlefield
  Bush aide met terrorist leader during FBI probe

Floridians, Texans cite Democrat votes switched to GOP in controversial pre-election e-voting

Early voters tip insiders about voter tendencies, poll confirmations, demographic stats at expense of election day voters

According to reports in several states, Americans are complaining that electronic voting machines switched Democrat candidate selections to corresponding Republican candidates in Florida and Texas, indicating that a massive voter turnout may be necessary to counter voting irregularities on a larger scale on Tuesday.

Unchallenged and constitutionally questionable early voting in a few states adds additional problems to reports of malfunctioning e-machines with no paper trail for a recount which added GOP votes at the expense of Democrats, raising questions as to the accuracy and honesty of the November 7, 2006 election as millions of e-votes are cast on controversial touch screens.

U.S. and international agents to monitor e-vote satellite activity during election

House and Senate members facing either re-election or removal from office on Tuesday are not telling Americans that satellites may have the capability to access, question and effectively monitor e-vote computer systems at polling stations and central vote tabulators at all government levels via two-way modems and wireless technology.

U.S. and international intelligence agents will closely watch the activities of satellites during and after the American elections next Tuesday according to government sources who declined to be named due to the sensitivity of the issue, even as reports indicate that electronic vote tabulators in some states are now being linked to and monitored by global positioning satellites.

Iraq for Sale
"Plantation capitalism...
covered up by CNBC &
Bloomberg News"

"Devastating...could lead to national Wal-Mart boycott..."
Solari CD
America FtoF

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